contingent staffing

contingent staffing

If you have a new project that needs immediate attention, consultants are a perfect solution to get a qualified professional in place very quickly. With over 20 years in the staff augmentation business, Randstad Life Sciences has developed relationships with the best talent in the industry. We can find qualified consultants very quickly that are trained to hit the ground running in order to help bring your project concepts to fruition.

With persistent fluctuations in business conditions, more companies are seeking to either incorporate or expand their use of contingent labor. Contract employees provide a trained workforce that can easily be adjusted as needed.  Consistently including consultants as a percentage of a corporate employee mix directly addresses the need for a flexible workforce. Consultants are often sought to provide project-specific skills that are not economical to build or sustain within a company. In many cases, contingent employees are selected for key projects because they are more skilled and bring expertise learned in other environments. Rather than training an internal employee on specific technology or processes, leveraging a consultant can save your business resources, time, and money.  Understanding the value of segmenting their workforce, savvy companies work to identify these roles and rely on highly qualified contingent staffing to fill these positions, therefore reducing their overhead costs.

Our process begins with an indepth understanding of our clients needs, culture, and requirements for the position.  With this information in hand, we turn to Randstad Life Sciences' candidate database of over 450,000 professionals across the US, as well as internationally. With our extensive network, we can identify even the hardest to find talent, including passive job seekers, often faster than the competition. Our pool of consultants are some of the best in the industry.  More than 50% of our consultants hold advanced degrees and most have 10 or more years of experience.  These professionals are trained in the latest technologies and processes, and require little to no training in order to start making an impact on your business.  Our consultants are continuously seeking out professional development and certification opportunities in order to maintain their expertise in an ever changing market.

Consultants undergo an extensive screening process with our team of expert recruiters, complete with skills assessments, background checks, in-depth interviews, FDA debarment search, drug screening, education verification, FACIS check, and much more before they are ever sent to you for consideration.  We work hard to ensure a perfect fit and will work tirelessly to pre-qualify candidates for you, saving you and your company valuable time and resources.